METEORITE Extraterrestrial Peridot GEMS!
GIA Certified! --Independent Proof of Authentic Meteorite Origin
We sell only authentic ET peridot gems that are 100 % buyer satisfaction guaranteed or money back policy!

The GEM FROM HEAVEN! Extraterrestrial peridot is found only in rare pallasite meteorites.
I personally recover the peridot crystals in these 4 Billion year old iron/nickel meteorites.
Then I select the few precious crystals that are large enough and clean enough to cut a QUALITY gem.
The result is these sparkling lights from heaven offered here.

Incredible rarity! A timeless gift from heaven. New!One-of-a-kind Et Pendants!

Left pix: the peridot crystals in a Kansas pallasite meteorite; Center pix is the crystals after being freed from solid nickel/iron; Right pix is an ET gem that I cut.

   I believe extraterrestrial peridot is one the very rarest colored gemstones in the world. AGTA and others rate bixbite or red beryl as the rarest (see my red beryl page).  But few even know about peridot created somewhere in space, at the beginning of our solar system!  Even more rare, is extraterrestrial cat's-eye peridot.  I found some of this extremely rare chatoyant cat's-eye meteorite peridot in August 2006, in a pallasite meteorite. Recently cut ET peridot gems are shown below and are now available for sale.  An article about the chatoyancy, showing one of my cat's-eye peridots, was published in the 2008 Summer issue of "Gems and Gemology" p. 177. A second recent article on lab identification of these crystals was published in the Fall issue, 2011.
    These are EXTREMELY rare and unique gems. They come from one of the very rarest meteorites called a pallasite. Pallasites are composed of fragments of olivine (peridot) that is encased in a matrix of nickel-iron. Peridot (pronounced pair-uh-doh) is the August birthstone. The peridot crystals were mixed in with the molten nickel-iron -- at the beginning of our solar system, when two plannetoids or asteroids collided!  This collosal event is so hard to even imagine.  The meteorites were blasted out into space.  Scientists say they are estimated to be in the neighborhood of 4 to 5 BILLION years old!  That's incredibly older than any gem from earth.  After roaming around in space -- who knows where they've been?? -- our earths gravity finally captures one. It explodes as it heats up in our atmosphere, then the pieces that aren't burned up, fall to earth.  Between the violent formation, exploding in our atmosphere and then impacting the earth, most crystals are totally fractured and crumble to small bits if removed from the iron that surrounds every crystal!   That's why only a very, very few meteoric peridot gems have ever been cut.  
    Until meteorite hunter Steve Arnold found these particular pallasite meteorites and my discovery of the cat's-eye phenomenon, I do not believe any cabochon cut meteoric cat's-eye gems had ever been cut before. After researching, I found a magazine article that noted inclusions in the peridot crystals and suggested that cutting a cabochon might produce a phenomenal (star or cat's-eye) gem. Ref "Gems and Gemology" Spring 1992. What made this find even more rare, is the fact that these peridot crystals are large enough to facet and a few have enough of the inclusions to make a chatoyant cabochon.
    Since finding the chatoyant crystals, I have recovered and cut some unbelievable fine gems of meteorite peridot!  These are truly a gift from heaven!  I call them "heavenite ".    After my discovery, gems were sent to GIA for research. After months of comparing it to every known earthly peridot, the GIA Lab can now certify it as "Pallasitic Peridot" that is "extraterrestrial in origin".   My gems are delivered with my signed and sealed   Certificate of Authenticity. Larger gems listed below, are each delivered with their own GIA lab report certifying it as pallasitic peridot. Why guess what is authentic? When it's time to sell, hand down or appraise, jewelers and gemologists throughout the world know and trust GIA! Don't settle for a certificate from some unknown lab. When you need to be absolutely sure of what you are buying, a GIA cert is the world's ultimate assurance of authenticity in the gem world.

All Triangles Cut Rick and Steve
with the pallasite
The pallasite

Left pic is one of the first faceted meteoric peridot gems that I cut; it weighs approx .53 carat. Center is Rick and Steve Arnold with a large 246 pound pallasite. Steve found it, I enjoyed the pleasure of helping to dig it up. Being one of the first to see this treasure that had been traveling around our solar system for billions of years, before crashing into our tiny blue planet, was an indescribable feeling. A day to remember! At right is the pallasite meteorite after being cleaned up some. The pockets of green are where some of the peridot crystals are on the surface. Click on picture to enlarge.

Here are some things you should know about meteoric peridot faceted and cabochon gems:

   Extraterrestrial peridot contains some elements and an inclusion that GIA identifies to distinguish and certify it from the peridot found on earth. In some gems the inclusion is very slight and thus difficult to see without 10X magnification. In other stones it is so abundant that it gives the gem a chatoyancy or cat's-eye effect. That is the phenomenom that I found in 2006 and I cut the first known cat's-eye extraterrestrial gem. As the one who actually cuts the gems, I make the judgment as to whether a stone should be faceted or cut into a cat's-eye, largely based on this inclusion. Naturally this also effects clarity and meteoric peridot is a GIA type III gem. That means that it is usually included and contains flaws and is NOT downgraded because of that. Generally I have found that most stones don't have enough of the inclusions to make a good eye, and so are faceted; that fact makes the cat's-eye gems even rarer!
  No matter whether meteoric or earthly in origin, peridot has a brittle character.  It demands respect and TLC.  While it is a suitable gem at 6.5 hardness and not overly heat sensitive, it's brittle nature needs to be recognized.  Extraterrestrial peridot is so rare that it cannot easily be replaced.  For the fortunate few who will own a true gem from heaven,  we recommend that it should be worn only on special occasions, and be mounted in a protective mounting.


  The gems listed BELOW are all delivered with their own GIA Laboratory Report. What is GIA? GIA stands for the Gemological Institute of America. The organization is THE authority for educational, grading and analysis. A GIA certificate is recognized throughout the world by jewelers, dealers, artists, appraisers, insurance companies and professionals in the trade, and by everyone seeking concrete authenticity, based on professional laboratory analysis and grading, as proof of gemological information and facts. Our meteoric peridot GIA laboratory reports state the weight, measurements, species, cut, color, with a conclusion that the gem is “Pallasitic Peridot that is extraterrestrial in origin and comes from a type of stony-iron meteorite known as pallasite”. Therefore, in addition to our own cert, our customers have independent verification of extraterrestrial origin. A GIA laboratory grading report is a laminated document that is a valuable asset for any gem and conclusively establishes the important provenance of the gem.
Gems are also available that are not GIA certified in order to keep costs down. See "Inventory"below.    NOTE: Every ET peridot gem comes with Stinson's Certificate of Authenticity. When you buy from Stinson's, you are buying from the artist who actually recovers the crystals from the solid nickel-iron meteorite and then ALSO cuts the largest crystals into the gems listed here. No one else that we know of, controls both the recovery and the creation and thus the quality! We strive to offer the very finest meteorite gems. In addition, Linda is a GIA Graduate Gemologist which is the highest title that GIA offers. She controls our standards in grading and certification, as well as helping our customers select the perfect gems for their project and budget. The certificates we provide, are the solid foundation that establishes the important provenance, not only for the original creation of the gem, but also the concrete proof of authenticity. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us and is 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied then we want it back!! Examine and return any gem in 10 days after receipt, for a full refund, absolutely no questions asked. Gem(s) must be returned undamaged and in the same condition as when sent. If you have questions please email:

All ET peridot gems are sent FREE priority shipping in the USA. Overnight shipping is available for an additional charge. Overseas orders: inquire for shipping quote. We do NOT ship to SOME foreign countries, so you must inquire before paying anything! Rates change often, and we do our best to charge actual shipping. Customer is responsible for any customs fees, taxes, etc.

If you don't see it shown below, here is a list of additional ET gems currently in stock. CLICK HERE (page is in a PDF format)

Please note, there is a considerable difference in color when viewing this website on a laptop!
The laptops display colors that are washed out, and too green!! -- look for best color on a regular computer screen.

GIA Certified ET Peridot Gems.   Updated April 14, 2016

"Pear "
Just listed! Big .45 carat gem! Beautiful full pear shape with great proportions. Deep green/yellow.
It measures 5.95 x 4.52 x 3.09 mm and weights 0.45 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF1013-1   $1985

"Cut Corner Triangle "
This brilliant cut corner gem is an outstanding! Very clean and brilliant throughout.
It measures 3.43 x 3.87 x 2.23 mm and weights 0.18 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF0913-1    SOLD

"Cat's-eye cabochon "
This excellent cat's-eye is even more rare than the faceted stones. This one is Semi-transparent.

It measures 4.16 x 3.48 x 1.95 mm and weights 0.23 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEC 0813-1   $1150

"Emerald cut "
This emerald is brilliant and a very clean gem with nice proportions and color.

It measures 3.92 x 3.12 x 2.29 mm and weights 0.22 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF1013-10   $805

" Oval Brilliant "
Beautiful long oval shape with typical color for these outerspace gems.Weight .28 carat;
measurements 4.99 x 3.63 x 2.53 mm
  A GIA certified gem! No PEF1013-12   $XXX SOLD

"Shield "
This shield shape is cut with unique concave facets making it truly one-of-a-kind in this heavenly gem.
A big and Very brilliant half carat + gem.
It measures 5.78 x 5.24 x 3.06mm and weights 0.54 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF1013-19   $ SOLD

"Trilliant "
This extremely brilliant triangular cut gem is outstanding! Exceptionally clean and brilliant throughout.
It stands on it's own!
It measures 3.46 x 3.59 x 2.38 mm and weights 0.18 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF0913-3  :  SOLD

"Trilliant "
Outstanding clarity and as with most triangular cuts it is very brilliant!
It measures 3.49 x 3.43 x 2.45 mm and weights 0.18 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF0913-31   $658

"Emerald "
Very bright gem, slight inclusions light green/yellow.
It measures 4.32 x 2.80 x 1.92 mm and weights 0.20 carat. A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF0913-8   $745

"Pear "
Beautiful brilliant gem with good color. Weight is .31 carats. Measurements 5.31 x 3.70 x 2.71 mm A GIA certified gem!
No. PEF1013-8   $SOLD

"Regal Square Brilliant "
One of the larger and among the finest ET gems I've cut. Exceptional brilliance and top green color with gold flashes.
It measures approx 5.52 x 5.63 x 5.41 mm. ET gems are considered large (by GIA) if they are over 1/3 carat. This one weights in at approx 1.34 carats, making it exceptionally rare!
A GIA Certified Gem! No. PEF0613-43   This one's priced mid five figures-- for the connoisseur with ample means.

"Regal Square Brilliant "
Second ET of this design and also among the finest ET gems I've cut. Like the larger one above, this one speaks for itself.
It measures approx 4.86 x 4.90 x 3.80 mm. Weight approx .83 carats.
It is at GIA Labs for certification and will be available in approx 4 to 6 weeks.! No. PEF16005   $16,700.

" Meteorite Pendant"  with A GIA certified gem!
A treasure for a special someone, this gem is big and produces a fountain of sparkles as the gem is tilted. Meteorite peridot gems this size and clarity are extraordinary! A recent GIA article in the Fall 2011 issue of Gems & Gemology, Vol XLVII, noted that these rare meteorite peridot gems "...usually weigh less than half a carat." PP. 208. This heavenly crystal's journey to earth started somewhere around 4 to 5 BILLION years ago! There will NEVER be another one like it! It weighs just under one carat at 0.96 carat! It is approx 6.89 x 4.72 x 3.96 mm.
This gem is mounted in a one-of-a-kind pendant. This pendant is fabricated using a Gibeon meteorite from Namibia, that is etched to show the "Widmanstatten" pattern of nickel/iron crystals -- proof of space origin! Click on picture to show enlarged photo. The ET peridot gem is mounted in 14 karat gold. The 14 karat gold bail is set with 5 round diamonds. No PEF109118 Pendant Price $9250

" Brilliant Oval Cut"
Measurements are approx 4.74 x 3.43 x 2.50 mm. Nice color and light return. Weight is just over a quarter carat at 27 points.
Distinct flaws are noticible under 10 power magnification, but needs orientation to be visible.
A GIA certified gem!
No PEF1111-14   SOLD

" Meteorite "Orion" Pendant"
Measuring approx 38 mm in diameter this pendant was recently on exhibition in the "Gems From Out Of This World" show at the Carnegie Museum's Wertz Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. The Constellation Orion is set with 7 extraterrestrial peridot faceted gems totaling approx one carat and set in 14 karat gold. The Meteorite disk is fabricated from a Gibeon meteorite that has been etched to show the "Widmanstatten" pattern -- proof of meteoric origin. The exhibiton has closed and this piece is now available. Price $6500.

" Cat's-Eye Cabochon "
ET peridot with great chatoyancy! Weight 0.27 carat. This is a baroque cat's-eye cab that measures approx 3.5 mm. These chatoyant gems are even more rare than the faceted gems; good chatoyancy happens when the crystal contains inclusions (acicular needles in this case) that are parallel to each other and there are enough of them to reflect light.
No PEC1111 4   $XXXX SOLD

"Extraterrestrial Peridot Small Rough "
Inventory close out! This gravel was recovered from our extraction process to remove the gem peridot from the solid nickel/iron meteorite matrix. This is coarse grade "mine-run" material, from the same source meteorites we use to cut our larger gems; some pieces may be suitable to cut very small cabochons. These can also be used for inlay jewelry, beads, and many other jewelry or craft ideas/projects. We did not high-grade this size and there are occasionally pieces that might cut a chatoyant cat's-eye cabochon. Each bag contains approx 50 carats. Supply is limited! Photo shows typical contents of one bag.
Order No.ET-Rough   Price $129/bag. Price includes free shipping and insurance in the USA.

"Round Brilliant "
This round brilliant half carat is resting on a carved quartz flower.
Flower carving is available, gem is in a private collection.

" All Triangles Cut "
This trilliant cut is very brilliant and lively. It is an extremely clean gem.
It measures approx. 3.67 x approx 3.55 mm deep,approx .53 ct
Private collection.

"Peridot cat's-eye cabochon"
This is one of several nice cat's-eye gems that I have cut. Weight on this one is .36 ct

NEW! Odessa Meteorite
Own a slice of the Odessa, Texas meteorite. Etched Slices.

Just listed! Etched on one side.
It measures 43.36 x 23.36 x 25.28 mm depth and weighs 91 grams No. MIO-1 Price $XXX SOLD

More Odessa slices!!
Click this PDf file for more Odessa meteorite slices. CLICK HERE (page is in a PDF format)

We're showing some Stinson's and also our customer's jewelry incorporating ET peridot. Click on this PDF file to see the new creations.

click here:  New jewelry photos

I am a founding member of the Kansas Meteorite Society. I pledge to sell only authentic genuine meteorites and extraterrestrial peridot. I guarantee authenticity and 100 % buyer satisfaction.
To ORDER: First confirm the item is available by emailing me. I'll confirm your email and place it on hold until your payment is received.

We now use PayPal and they will accept your credit card. You don't have to be a member, it's easy to do and most important, it is secure.

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