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Custom Faceting and Carving

To start, email and tell us about your project!


For a quote, I need to know:
1. What do you want?
Ring, pendant, carving, collectable, etc?
2. What gem(s) do you want? If you don't know, I'll advise you based on the project, and gems that will work with your taste and budget.
3. Your budget. I'm not in business to judge or guess! I'll try to match the quality, size and level of detail within your means. I'm happy to work with you regardless of whether you want to spend $500 or 50K. Save a lot of time! Just put me in the ballpark. :~)
4. How much time do you have? If this is a last minute rush, I may be able to help -- it just depends on the project. Typically I'm taking orders for delivery from four weeks to 6 months ahead.
Please Note:  I am no longer cutting customer supplied rough.


I do custom flat faceting as well as fancy and concave faceting. I specialize in one of, if not the rarest, colored stones, that is, meteoric peridot, found in pallasite meteorites. See the meteorite page: Meteorites
Also you will find red beryl available in natural specimens and I guarantee you'll be pleased with my lab grown red beryl gems. They are superior in every way to the small, heavily included and wildly expensive mined crytals.  Red Beryl
I have rough crystals available in all the popular colored stones.

Cabochons and Carvings

I cut custom cabochons, and also intaglio, reverse intaglio, relief and three dimensional carvings. I work with most of the popular gem species and can advise you on suitable stones for your project, availability of rough, design and so forth. I can design and create a piece that is uniquely yours!

"Reverse Intaglio for Wax Seal "

This is one of a matched set of three reverse intaglio carved pieces in black onyx.
Left: A finished carving. Center: Wax seal impression of carving. Right: Early stage of carving w dime for size.
Each measured approx 12 x 18 mm. These are used to wax seal a letter or document. Sealing with wax was, and still is a tamper proof way of insuring that no one has opened the sealed letter. Note: a reverse intaglio can also be a carving made into the back of a clear crystal that reads right when seen throught the front of the crystal. These are hand carved, one-of-a kind. Commissioned original carving.

I also offer signed original carvings. See my CARVINGS page. The "Teddy Bear" shown below is executed in quartz crystal and is
internally carved. (The Quartz crystal is carved inside the crystal!) Other projects include relief carving and small sculptural carvings
in natural quartz crystal such as the quail carving below. Several intaglio carvings of angels have been commissioned for wedding gifts
that have included a Bible verse, name, wedding dates etc. These make a unique gift for a special occasion or for a personal collection.
Also shown is a presentation crystal with 23 kt gold accent.
Prices are based on the size and quality of the crystal, and complexity of design elements.

"Presentation Crystal"
intaglio carved quartz crystal
with 23kt gold.
click to enlarge.

"Teddy Bear" internally
carved quartz crystal
"Quail" intaglio carving
carved in quartz crystal
Wedding crystal with
Bible verse with Angel
carved on the reverse.

Red Beryl Sapphire
Ametrine Paraiba
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