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Note:  I am no longer cutting customer supplied rough.

For quotes on faceting, cabs, and carvings, let me know what you want and I'll be glad to give you an estimate. I'll need to know:
1. What is your special project? Ring, pendant, carving, collectable, etc?
2. what gem you want, or if you don't know for sure, I have stock on most popular species and I'll advise you based on the project and colored stone(s) that will work with your taste and budget.
3. Your budget. I'll try to match the quality, size and level of detail within your means. I love to get involved and will do the work, but let's communicate please! I'm happy to work with you regardless of whether you want to spend three hundred or three thousand dollars.
4. How much time do you have? If this is a last minute rush, I may be able to help -- just depends on the project. Typically I'm taking orders for delivery from two to 6 months ahead.

I do custom flat and concave faceting, cabochons, inlay and intaglio, reverse intaglio, relief and three dimensional carvings. I work with most of the popular gem species and can advise you on suitable stones for your project, availability of rough, design and so forth. I can design and create a piece that is uniquely yours!


I also offer signed original carvings. See my GALLERY OF CARVINGS for the latest work. The "Teddy Bear" shown below is executed in quartz crystal and is internally carved. (The Quartz crystal is carved inside the crystal!) Other projects include relief carving and small sculptural carvings in natural quartz crystal such as the quail carving below. Several intaglio carvings of angels have been commissioned for wedding gifts that have included a Bible verse, name, wedding dates etc. These make a unique gift for a special occasion or for a personal collection. Also shown is a presentation crystal with 23 kt gold foil. This shows what can be done with logos and typography.
Prices are based on the size and quality of the crystal, and complexity of design elements.

"Presentation Crystal"
intaglio carved quartz crystal
with 23kt gold foil.
click to enlarge.

"Teddy Bear" internally
carved quartz crystal
"Quail" line carving
carved in quartz crystal
Wedding crystal with
Bible verse and Angel
carved on the reverse

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